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Our Tools

Skyrocket Your Online Presence and Drive Growth with Our Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing and SEO Tools
Essential analytics insights

Master Your Website's Performance: In-Depth Insights for Unparalleled Growth

Experience Swilty's powerful analytics tool, featuring Page Views & Sessions Tracking, Unique Visitors Analysis, Custom Events Tracking, User Behavior Insights, Conversion Tracking, Comprehensive Reporting, Heatmaps, and Session Replays. Drive growth with data-driven decisions.
For Optimization Success

Revolutionize Your SEO Strategy: Comprehensive Audit for Search Engine Success

Optimize your SEO health with our in-depth audit tool, analyzing core vitals and providing email reporting. Elevate search engine rankings and drive organic traffic for unparalleled online visibility.
SEO improvement

Structured Data Made Simple: Streamline Your Markup for Enhanced Visibility

Easily create and implement structured data markup for your website with our intuitive generator. Enhance your online visibility, improve search engine rankings, and unlock the full potential of your digital presence.
A Stronger Link Profile

Backlinks Analyzer: Uncover Powerful Insights for a Stronger Link Profile

Assess your website's backlink profile with our robust analyzer, identifying the quantity and quality of inbound links from other websites. Strengthen your link building strategy and boost your search engine rankings.
High Impact Search Terms Coming soon

Keywords Research: Unearth High-Impact Search Terms for Your Business

Find valuable keywords relevant to your niche or industry with our powerful research tool. Strategically target high-impact search terms to elevate your search engine rankings, drive organic traffic, and boost your online presence.
Outperforming Rivals Coming soon

Competitor Analyzer: Unlock the Secrets to Outperforming Your Rivals

Examine your competitors' online presence, strategies, and performance with our insightful analyzer. Uncover opportunities to outpace your rivals, refine your digital marketing approach, and achieve a competitive edge in your industry.
Maximum SEO Impact Coming soon

Content Analyzer: Optimize Your Content for Maximum Search Engine Impact

Refine your content for search engines with our analyzer, assessing keyword usage, readability, and content structure. Boost your search engine rankings, drive organic traffic, and engage your audience with optimized, high-quality content.
Exceptional Content Creation Coming soon

AI Writer: Harness the Power of AI for Exceptional Content Creation

Leverage artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, unique content tailored to specific topics, industries, or keywords. Streamline your content creation process, engage your audience, and solidify your brand as an industry leader.
Unmatched SEO Performance Coming soon

Page Analyzer: Optimize Your Web Pages for Unmatched SEO Performance

Evaluate individual web pages for search engine optimization with our Page Analyzer, identifying potential issues and providing recommendations for improvement. Enhance your SEO performance, drive organic traffic, and boost your online visibility.
Focus your growth

Unleash Success with SEO Mastery & Powerful Digital Marketing!

Swilty's comprehensive suite of digital marketing and SEO tools can elevate your online strategy, making your business more visible in search engines, and ultimately driving growth and success in the competitive online landscape.
For multiple-page or single-page apps, iframes (same & cross-origin) and pop-ups too.
Swilty is incredibly fast and lightweight. There is no impact on page loading and bandwidth.
Captures all interactions on a page without affecting the look and feel of your app.
Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Achieve Unparalleled SEO Success, and Propel Your Business to New Heights in the Online World!
Free plan available · No credit card required
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